Monday, 11 May 2015

The Lake District

Wet and dull in Preston, but the washing had dried and the coffee was good. 
There has been a comment questioning what I was doing in Preston www I am supposed to be going round the coast. For the record here is a picture of Preston Docks

I had a yearning for a bacon butty. Asking  for one I was offered a Barm. Which of course is a Lancastrian breadcake.
The route round to Blackpool is flat and there are enormous sandscapes. The view from Lyham St Anns
The Blackpool, which yesterday had been on the horizon became a reality today. It looks as if they are preparing for the illuminations, but it seems very early. 
An interesting sign of recession, there are loads of motors suggesting a voluntary contribution of £5 per car towards the cost of the lights.
Blackpool has as its major benefit that it attracts people who like doing what Blackpool does, and that leaves the rest of us free to go elsewhere unimpeded.

It's often the case that very loud brash places have their posh counterpart. Clacton has Frinton, Blackpool has Lytham. I was riding along the front at Lytham when I came across a slowly driven Mercedes SL. Slowing behind it I could see something flapping underneath. The driver was clearly concerned at an unidentified noise. We stopped and had a look. It seems that some sort of engine protection pan had become dislodged and was flapping against the road. Nothing to be done but drive to a garage. It was last seen flapping towards Blackpool.
I decided to practice the selfie skills in Fleetwood
Carnforth Station has been renovated since I was last here. Brief Encounters relived
I decided to move right away from the coast for a ride up the A6 to Penrith, which wasn't as good as I had hoped because of very high winds, so speed had to be kept down, nevertheless it was a lovely picturesque ride. Then west through the the lakes to Cockermouth, where the hostel turns out to be at the bottom of an unmade road, so I ace left the bike at the top. Also no wifi or phone signal so I shall go for s walk to see what I can find. It is beautiful though.

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