Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Phew what a scorcher

The warmest day yet, sunshine most of the day and views that just got better and better,
Leaving Creetown I headed South for a bit towards the Isle of Whithorn then through the Mull of Galloway.beautiful rolling hills with clear indication from the type of trees that this is a moderate climate.
This part of Scotland is closer to Belfast than to Edindurgh. At one point I got a text indicating that I was connected to a foreign mobile service provider. Presumably one from the Irish Republic 
Ireland is clearly visible.
The port town of Stranraer has lost its car ferries to new facilities some 3 miles out of town on the north of the bay, presumably because this position provides better deep water docking. Past the ferry terminals the road North to Ayr is magnificent. A mini Sur if you like. Lovely views of the Itish hills. Then Ailsa Craig and Arran. 

Ayr has a solid refined feel to it. I have revised tomorrow's itinerary to include a ferry across the Clyde estuary so will have some time to explore Ayr before I leave
Today's route

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