Saturday, 9 May 2015

The great North Wales Coast

LBorth was wild all night with wind rattling the windows. After the election night lack of sleep, I was in bed by 9.00 and barely woke till 8am.
First stop was the centre for alternative technology, CAT. 

This excellent organisation has been championing alternative approaches to energy use since the 1970s. Many of its pioneering approaches are now part of the mainstream, solar and wind energy, wood burning stoves for instance. It is a pity therefore that this showcase site looks rather shabby an hippy. Not the place to persuade Mr and Mrs average middle class to change their energy use, and that's who needs to be convinced.
Before leaving Borth I had a conversation with Tony who is a retired man taking time to walk round the UK, makes my trip seem a bit comfortable. Tony is walking in aid of Dementia UK and Carers Trust, both excellent organisations. See Tony's progress at and do donate if you can.
Lovely coastal views today, but some sort of reaction from TomTom led to him constantly putting my position 100 yards or so to the left of the road I was on. I think it was an attention seeking move which was designed to distract me from issuing divorce proceedings- it won't work Tom you are history when we get home.
Listen Paignton, Lands End, Cheddar Gorge, this is how you do attraction: Aberdovey

Approaching Portmadog I got a tantalising view of the Ffestioniog railway across the fields, in the town I found the station, but no trains.

Tonight I am at Anglesey outdoor centre. Nice beer and food, and a room to myself, tomorrow back to England.

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