Saturday, 2 May 2015

First "sea" crossing

Like a lot of seaside resorts, Eastbourne in the morning is a bit grim. I was up promptly, partly to make sure the bike was safe - it was. So I walked along the windy prom checking the detritus, it was mostly beer bottles and plastic bags.
I don't want this blog to be overtly political, but there are times when serendipity has a way of identifying a truth. As I walked out of the hotel, right in front of me was this poster display van, it's an election so that's what you see. But look at the name of the company operating the van....
You couldn't make it up.
Much as I am enjoying this trip, the southern traffic is beginning to frustrate, rarely can you find a stretch of open road, and more often than not, when you do, it has speed cameras. I don't want to  thrash in an unrestrained way, but the volume of traffic simply makes progress impossible.
The one exception to that statement is the old Military Road in the south of the Isle of Wight. It makes the ferry trip worthwhile, several miles of undulating clear road, with gentle bends and little traffic. The road also has beautiful vistas over the sea. What more do you want?
It's worth taking a little space to reflect on the qualities of the Triumph Trophy 1200SE that I'm riding. None of the problems I have encountered so far are attributable to the bike. Punctures happen, idiots break TPS units. The bike is comfortable, the seat has put up with my substantial rear for lots of hours and feels good.
It's also nimble on the move, static it's horribly heavy, and I wouldn't like to have to pick it up if I dropped it. But that's the style of the bike, not a criticism of the Trophy.
I love the flexibility of the engine, in top gear it will accelerate away from 30mph, and in normal circumstances there is not really a need to change down to accelerate between 40 and 60.
Some of the minor controls are fiddly. I am getting used to them, but there is so much going on that finding the right button, particularly in winter gloves, is a bit hit and miss.
The ride is superb, I haven't changed the suspension setting from "normal" so far. But tat feels good on the minor roads and motorway.
I have discovered a couple of minor issues which Pidcocks will need to sort under warranty. But nothing critical.
All in a I am happy I chose the Trophy over the R1200RT.

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