Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Leaving the coast

The wind was howling all night and forecast to continue at 45mph all day at Elmscott. I left at about 8.30, saying goodbye to the volunteer wardens from Northamptonshire. The hostel is staffed by a rota of volunteers who get free accommodation in return for undertaking warden duties. A great way to get a spend some time in the country.
I left with the intention of going to Hartland quay just along the coast, but as I got close, the wind was strong enough to put me off, so I turned back and hit the A39. This is a great biking road. Not too much traffic at this time of year. Checking in at Clovelly I was astounded to discover that I would have to pay (£6.95 I believe) just to get into the village. Ok it's a tourist attraction and who can blame residents for making the most of it, but it just feels wrong. Needless to say. I didn't pay.
I am writing this section in a nice coffee shop called Silvers Pantry near Monton  Heathfield in Somerset . In keeping with the new philosophy of my trip I abandoned the coast to avoid high winds, and I am heading for Cheddar Gorge. In the process I have ridden along the B3227 from near Bishops Nympton to Taunton. Despite being quite wet, this road is a classic. Wide enough for two proper lanes, long sweeping bends, little traffic and great views. I'm not regretting the move from slavishly following the coast.

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