Thursday, 14 May 2015

Oh perfect

I am posting this earlier than usual today because I am unashamedly taking advantage of the free wifi at The Loch Fyne Oyster Bar
The real one, at the head of Loch Fyne, not the imitation you find in all the trendy eating areas of major towns.

And yes I have just had half a dozen exquisite oysters
Inveraray tonight's destination is labour 8 miles down the road, but I not sure what the Internet connection is like, so I am taking on some sun while writing this.
Is spoke to a couple of local bikers on the ferry across to Dunoon this morning. 
They told me a story about Loch Fyne Oyster Bar, which of course is famous for the part it played in ensuring that Tony Blair became Prime Minister in preference to Gordon Brown. Apparently Madonnas was playing a concert in Edinburg and wanted to eat at the famous oyster bar. Her people phoned to say she was on her way so could they stay open "no" came the curt reply. Bewildered the PA said "but it's Madonna and Guy Richie" . "We close at nine" came the reply.
All I can say is that Madonna missed a treat.
Since leaving Ayr today has been delightful, 
The lovely Inverlea guest house was comfortable clean and welcoming. The ride up the coast to the ferry brought a new delight at each turn. Even the industrial landscape is gorgeous 
Hunterston Power station is behind the bike here.
So over the ferry to Dunoon and open roads. Very soon this was the view

Stunning or what??? Looking south from Tighnabruaich viewpoint to kyles of Bute. There was a woman there who had sailed to Vancouver Island in Canada, she swore this is a better view.
I could have stopped every few minutes to take anothe picture, but I will add just one more curiosity.
I was travelling along a narrow road where there had been forestry activity. On the left all the trees were felled. On the right they were standing, apart from the first row, that had been uprooted Nd fallen over
The roots were large but shallow, my working assumption is that the felling of the trees on the left had opened the others to wind, from which they had been protected, and that this blew over the first row.
Any better ideas please let me know.
One last picture, taken from the seat on which I have been writing this post. Bye for now.
Oh ok then just one more self satisfied selfie

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