Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A windy day, in more ways than one.

South westerly wind gusting up to 60mph said the met office, so I decided to get an early start from Falmouth, while it was still calm. On firing up the bike I noticed that the rear tyre pressure was down a bit. As I needed fuel I topped up the pressure and set off, only to note that rather than increase as the tyre got hot, the rear was losing a bit. I decided to head back to Falmouth, hoping that I had a leaky valve, but fearing the worst. After a couple of abortive visits to tyre specialists I ended up at South West Motorcycles in Penryn. Lovely guys who are clearly devoted to their bikes. Quickly diagnosed a nail in the new rear tyre. Once off it is cear that this is no ordinary stubby nail this is a 2.5 inch supernail!
Goodness knows where I picked it up, but it's the shortest time I have ever owned a tyre. This is the one that was fitted last Wednesday in Norfolk.
So a big thanks to South West Motorcycles. I don't do Facebook but will organise a like when I can get on my wife's account.
Freshly pumped up, but now later than planned I made my way to Lands End. This is a lesson in how not to develop a piece of natural landscape. 
Would you believe a Shaun the Sheep experience? Now I do like Shaun the Sheep, but in its place please.
Past the tack there is still a special place at the end of the country
So let's put a tourist signpost there
And encourage idiots to take selfies!
With the wind behind, it's up the A39 and off to Tintagel where the wind was roaring over the ancient castle
and Boscastle where the natural harbour provides still an effective shelter.

It was in 2004 that Boscastle was devastated by floods http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boscastle_flood_of_2004
But now the only reminder is the amazing film in the visitors centre.
As I write this the wind is howling over the isolated hostel I am in at Elmscott. After I arrived I walked to the cliffs path, about half a mile away. It was windy, but invigorating. I turned right along the cliffs and up out of the slight depression I was in. Suddenly the full force of the wind hit me and I was pushed backwards. I was not near the edge of the cliffs or in danger of being blown over it, but the power of the wind was more than enough to make me go back to the security of the hostel.

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