Friday, 8 May 2015

A depressing day

Rain predicted all day today, I can deal with that; a Tory government for the next five years that's something that no decent, progressive, caring, thoughtful person should have to deal with. Understandably the Liberal Democrats suffered for their complicity, and Scotland clearly has its own view. Ed Milliband had a bad time from Tory dominated press, arguably he made too late a recovery and couldn't escape the unfair references to his looks and the ridiculous allegations of disloyalty in relation to his brother.
Is UKIP a long term player or a flash in the pan? We don't know yet but the worrying truth is that a lot of people voted for their divisive. paranoid politics of fear. Just heard the result for Rochester and Strood where the Conservative candidate Kelly Tollhurs beat The Reckless defector to UKIP. This may be the only Tory success I applaud, but seriously Rochester and Strood should be a Labour stronghold. A solid working class constituency it has slid to the right, a victim of New Labours rush to the centre?
Ed Balls is out, what future Ed Milliband?

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