Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Cheddar Gorge and into Wales

Like Lands End, the arrival at the foot of Cheddar Gorge is immensely disappointing. It's like a ramshackle collection of "tourist attractions" which imply that the gorge itself is insufficiently attractive to capture the imagination of the hordes who must be given an opportunity to spend money.
This picture didn't really capture the depressing entry to the gorge, but once in it is a fine sight
I was fortunate to be there when the weather was poor and before the coaches arrived, I guess in the summer it's a place to avoid. Pity because it is lovely, and doubtless there are some excellent walks close by.
I had a lovely run, apart from wind and rain, through the Somerset Levels. It's not hard to imagine what it was like in the floods of last year

I took this photo thinking it was Glastonbury Tor. It's not and I can't remember what it is called, but it illustrates the flatness of the area
I don't know if this makes sense or not, but it's a different sort of flatness to Lincolnshire. It has colour and perspective, not huge prairie fields.
I had been concerned about wind on the Severn bridge since yesterday. Checking this morning showed the bridge was open and it was sti this afternoon . The wind was strong, but blowing along the bridge, in a more or less westerly direction , rather than at right angles to it, so while the crossing was blustery, it wasn't too difficult to keep a straight line.
Motorbikes cross free which is good, cars pay £6.50 to enter Wales, but get back to England free.
I'm on the ibis hotel Newport tonight.

It's clean and tidy. The receptionist says there is a pub that serves food on the other side of the M4. That's not as bad as it sounds, there is a walkway under the motorway. It looks reasonable so I will give it a try
The Lyceum Tavern
110 Malpas Road, Newport, Gwent NP20 5PL

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