Monday, 4 May 2015

Cornwall has narrow roads

This is by no means the narrowest road today, but is an example of why I am rethinking the "road nearest the sea" routing plan.
As the photo shows, the sides of the road are so high you can't see anything, it's a bit like being in a maze, with no visual reference point. On the really narrow roads it's impossible for two cars to pass, and getting my bike past a car is a delicate manoeuvre. 
The flowers in the roadsides are lovely, but the narrow routes are better left to walkers and cyclists.
I left Paignton this morning with mixed feelings. It's a rough and ready seaside resort, but home to a great biking tradition  Bikers Make A Difference is a cracking example of a positive contribution by Bikers to the community. Quite unplanned, I arrived in Paignton on the Sunday of the BMAD may festival. I would have liked to stay and see things in action today , but had to press on.
I did three ferry crossings today, Torpoint near Plymouth, where I didn't get a photo

And Fowey. Interestingly it costs 10 times more to cross a Fowey than a Kingswear (30p and £3) and Kingswear is wider. 
It was after crossing to Fowey that I saw this smart Harley and spent a pleasant few minutes with its owners who had been to the Paignton festival and were making their way home.
For the selfie adjudicators I will add this one, it's taken on the Fowey ferry and I reacon merits a C minus.

Since being in Cornwall I have been looking out for topless swarthy men using scythes in a not altogether orthodox manner. So far no sightings, but there is still another day before leaving the county.
It's Falmouth tonight, in a backpackers hostel, followed by a camping barn tomorrow. The shower looks ok though.
I called in on some old friends in Falmouth and it was very pleasant catching up on several years.
The bike causes stiffness so I plan some exercise this evening, not sure if I will swim or walk. Depends on the rain I think.

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