Sunday, 3 May 2015

Is this Dorset?

There is a rumour that Dorset exists, just as there are persistent stories about the Loch Ness monster. I am unable to confirm either. If pushed I would say that Nessie probably doesn't exist and Dorset probably does, but today I have seen neither.
Leaving the Isle of Wight in a mist
I was impressed with a strong display of MAMILs disembarking from the ferry. Is the female equivalent a MAWIL? Not sure but they were there too.
With the Tour de Yorkshire passing our village today it brought a tear to me eye.
There was slight evidence for the existence of Dorset in the shape of the white horse on the chalk behind Weymouth. It's actually a dirty brown horse, due no doubt to the austerity financial programme imposed by Millionaire PM Dave and his school chum chancellor Gideon. Sorry I promised no politics, but I am really concerned that the oily *****s will get on again, don't let them. Vote for a real alternative to this bunch of out of touch liars. Yes that means vote Labour.
Back to the Triumph Trophy that I am riding. I haven't referred to the stereo yet.  I am not a fan of playing loud music with the car windows open, so a stereo on a motorbike looks like a no no. It should play directly into my helmet via the scala rider headset, but because someone of limited imagination has fitted the annoying TomTom satnav rather than the Triumph recommended Garmin, I can't link the stereo to my headset at the same time as the satnav. this means that if I want to listen to the radio , or iPod, it has to be through the speakers. The quality is not bad and you can set it to automatically increase the volume as speed increases, so you don't annoy high street pedestrians too much. 
There is fun to be had in stereotype busting- instead of the expected heavy metal or bass thundering from the speakers it's fun to watch the faces of passers by when they hear the lilting tones of an Alan Bennet monologue, or John Humphreys in full flow on the Today Programme.
I have landed in Paignton. 
It's by the sea, that's all I am prepared to say by way of commentary. I'm leaving after breakfast and have no plans to return.

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