Friday, 8 May 2015

It's Pembroke so it's wet

The rain and wind provided the worst riding conditions so far, and it lasted all day. The heated seat and grips got good use, Pembrokeshire has some stunning scenery, I know because I have seen the pictures. Today it was necessary to concentrate, no radio or music and no sightseeing.
A word about my riding clothes which have served well today. Despite the rain I arrived dry and relatively warm.
BMW rallye 2 jacket and BMW trousers (not sure which model) provide a really good waterproof skin. I usually wear a thermal vest of some sort and a Paramo reversible walking shirt. Depending on the prevailing temperature I sometimes wear thermal leggings, but mostly I find the trousers are enough. Long socks are good. I have a pair of X-socks which are brilliant, but also have some Aldi specials, which will probably not last so well, but cost a lot less and do the job.
Altberg Roadrunner boots are brilliant. Handmade to order in Richmond North Yorkshire, these are as comfy as good walking boots, and just as waterproof.
The only bit of my kit that I'm not entirely satisfied is my gloves. Most of the time they are fine, a thick pair for cold and a thin pair for warm weather. Neither are waterproof though, and even with the heated grips going wet hands get cold.
Not many photos today as the camera and phone were secured from the weather.
The visitors centre at St David's
The front at Borth. 
Like a seaside places it looks pleas in the rain. I am sure it's lovely in the sun.
The bike continues to perform well. In the rain and wind it kept steady, and provides good protection behind the large screen and fairing.

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